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Hello. How do you think the Council is doing?

In this survey we will be asking you a range of questions about Denbighshire as a place and also about the Council.

The Council usually conducts a Residents Survey once every 2-3 years. Our last one was in 2018. This year, we are also inviting Council staff, Councillors, local businesses and other stakeholders to take part including organisations the Council works with and trade unions.

Prize draw:

If you are a resident in Denbighshire and you are aged 16 years old or older, you will be eligible to enter a prize draw for a one month Total Gym membership with Denbighshire Leisure Ltd. More information about the prize draw will be shown to you at the end of the survey. 

Privacy Statement:

This survey is anonymous and we will not be asking you for your contact details, unless you choose to enter the prize draw. The data you do provide will be used by Denbighshire County Council as part of its performance monitoring and to meet the Council's obligations under the Local Government and Elections Act (Wales) 2021. For more information about the types of data the Council may collect, please visit: www.denbighshire.gov.uk/privacy