Current and planned consultations

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View more details for consultation Denbighshire Local Development Plan (LDP) 2018- 2033: Draft Preferred Strategy Consultation Denbighshire Local Development Plan (LDP) 2018- 2033: Draft Preferred Strategy Consultation Planning and Public Protection 08 Jul 2019 30 Aug 2019
Why are we doing this?

Denbighshire County Council approved the Draft LDP Preferred Strategy for public consultation on 14th May 2019.


The Draft LDP Preferred Strategy represents the first formal stage of producing the replacement Denbighshire Local Development Plan (LDP) and is referred to as the ‘Preferred Strategy’ stage. 


Once the final draft version of the replacement LDP has been adopted by the Council, which is expected to be in 2021, the new Denbighshire LDP will set the framework for future growth and development in the County up to 2033.


The Draft Preferred Strategy consultation sets out the key land use issues that are required to be addressed in the County. This includes the overall level of growth, where that growth will broadly be directed to, and a number of strategic policies.


What do we want to know?

We are seeking your views on whether the Draft Preferred Strategy is the right one for the County and whether all the key issues have been identified and addressed in the document.

We are also seeking your views on the Candidate Sites Register, the Candidate Sites Register contains the details of all sites that have been received and these are listed by settlement and then by the site reference.  The fact that a site has been included in the Register should not be interpreted as a commitment by the Council to take forward any submitted site into the Local Development Plan.


The Draft Preferred Strategy can be found by clicking here

The Candidate Site Register can be found by clicking here

Please contact the Strategic Planning and Housing Team if you require further information or advice by emailing:  or contact us on:  01824 706916.

Strategic Planning and Housing

Denbighshire County Council

PO Box 62,


LL15 9AZ

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View more details for consultation The draft Social Services Director's Annual Report June 2019 The draft Social Services Director's Annual Report June 2019 Denbighshire County Council 03 Jul 2019 24 Jul 2019
Why are we doing this?

The reason for the Social Services Director's Annual Report is to explain what we are doing to improve services for people who live in Denbighshire.

This includes people who ask for information, advice and assistance from social services, and people and carers receiving care and support.

The law tells us the report needs to follow a set pattern and show how we have looked at well-being and thought about the delivery of well-being standards.

We have tried to make the report clear and brief. We think we have given a balanced view of our performance. We have included things that we know need to improve as well as areas where we feel we have already made good progress.

Welsh Government advises that we ask our local community to give us feedback on this document before it is finalised, which is the reason for this survey.We will try to use feedback to improve the document for this year and future years.

What do we want to know?

We would like to share this draft report with everyone who is interested, whether or not you are currently using our services.

We welcome feedback on:

  • the style and presentation of the document
  • the content of the document
  • whether you feel we have covered the topics you would want to read about
  • the links to other reports and more detailed information
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View more details for consultation Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places Legal, HR and Democratic Services 01 Jul 2019 09 Aug 2019
Why are we doing this?

Under the Representation of the People Act 1983, the Council has a duty to divide its area into polling districts and to designate a polling place for each district. It also has to keep these arrangements under review.

The Electoral Administration Act 2006 introduced a duty on all local authorities in Great Britain to review their polling districts and polling places.

What do we want to know?

Any person or organisation wishing to make a representation in respect of the arrangement of polling districts and polling places within the boundary of Denbighshire County Council; or concerning the accessibility of polling stations may complete a feeback form or make representations in writing to :-

Mr Steve Price

Democratic Services Manager

Denbighshire County Council

P O Box 62

Ruthin, LL15 9AZ

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View more details for consultation Supporting Adult Carers in Denbighshire Supporting Adult Carers in Denbighshire Community Support Services 01 Apr 2018 31 Mar 2022
Why are we doing this?

Can you help us improve support for Carers in Denbighshire? Are you, or have you been, a Carer looking for help and information? Have you tried to juggle paid work with caring duties in your free time?

If you can answer "Yes" to any of the above, please read on, as we would value your input into this work.


One of Denbighshire County Council's priorities in our Corporate Plan 2017-2022 is to work with people and communities to build independence and resilience.

People who take on a caring role for their family and friends play a very important part in helping those individuals to remain in their own homes for longer. 

Our Corporate Project - Supporting Carers in Denbighshire - has the over-arching objective to ensure all Carers in Denbighshire are well supported.


Please note: This project is about supporting people who are unpaid Carers for family and/or friends, and not about people who are employed in a caring role, for example with a domiciliary care provider.


Who is a Carer?

If you provide regular unpaid help and support for a relative, partner or friend who is frail, or disabled, has physical or mental health issues, or substance misuse problems, then you are a Carer. The Social Services and Well-Being Act (Wales) 2014 defines a Carer as someone who provides or intends to provide care for an adult or disabled child.


The project has the following objectives relating to Adult Carers:

  • Denbighshire County Council and our communities recognise the importance and benefit of supporting Carers.
  • Our citizens who carry out caring roles have access to high quality information, advice and assistance to promote their own personal wellbeing outcomes.
  • We have robust processes and clear pathways for identification of Carers in need of support.
  • Community Support Service effectively responds to the support needs of Carers requiring statutory assistance.
  • A range of preventative services for Carers is available from the third sector.
  • Carers employed by Denbighshire County Council are supported to manage their caring role alongside their work commitments.
  • All Carers are supported to attain their educational goals, and to continue their educational development if they wish.
  • All Carers and the individuals they care for have access to suitable and inclusive leisure opportunities.
  • Carers are engaged actively in the planning and shaping of services.


Desired Project Outcomes:

  • Carers will be more resilient and independent.
  • Carers will be well informed and will feel supported within their communities.
  • Carers will be able to live a fulfilled life.
  • Carers will be able to care for longer, if that is their choice.
  • Citizens of Denbighshire and those working within Denbighshire will have a greater understanding of the importance of supporting Carers. 



What do we want to know?

If you are, or have been a Carer for a member of your family or a friend, please take some time to complete our survey. It should not take too long, but you can do part and come back and complete it later if you wish. Just save the survey before you leave the page.

We are keen to find out from you what issues you have experienced when accessing information, advice and assistance to help you in your caring duties. We want to be able to improve the support we offer to Carers in Denbighshire and we need your help to do that.