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View more details for consultation Re-opening our town centres after Covid-19 Re-opening our town centres after Covid-19 Planning and Public Protection 21 Jun 2020 31 Oct 2020
Why are we doing this?

Hello. Please help us to help your town recover from Covid-19 (coronavirus).

In March 2020, the Welsh Government announced a 'lockdown' in order to slow the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus), a dangerous respiratory disease. For more than three months, town centres - the heart of many of our communities - stood still and quiet, with businesses closed and visitors and locals alike asked to stay at home and away from others until things became better. 

On 19th June 2020, the Welsh Government announced that businesses could begin to re-open and that (provided that Covid-19 case numbers or transmission rates continued to drop) people would be able to again enjoy increasing levels of freedom.


What do we want to know?

We'd like to know how you feel. We understand that the latest announcements from Welsh Government have generated mixed feelings amongst our businesses and in our communities. Many of you may feel relieved and excited at the prospect of being able to re-start your businesses and your lives, and to spend time in familiar places with familiar people. We also understand if you feel anxious or apprehensive about the thought of returning to work or visiting a town centre - even if it's essential.

However you feel, that's okay.

How are we helping?

We understand the range of things you may feel about town centres re-opening and we want to help. We're working hard with local businesses and partner organisations to try and ensure that town centres feel safe and welcoming. Over the coming weeks and months we hope to have the following measures in place:

- Changes to town centre layouts to provide increased space for pedestrian use and active travel
- Signs, barriers and posters to promote social distancing
- Queueing systems outside key business premises
- Increased presence in town centres from our own (council) staff as well as support from colleagues in North Wales Police to ensure that directional signage is followed and to answer your questions.

How can you help us?

Talk to us! Your experiences are important and if you're in or you've visited a town centre recently we'd like to know what you think.

We've set up two short surveys - one for businesses and one for visitors. Please fill them in whenever you visit a town centre. The surveys have a maximum of 5 multiple-choice questions and are completely anonymous. We won't ask you for any personal data.

We will use your feedback to capture and monitor your moods and to track these changes over time. Your answers will feed into dicussions about what we do next and whether we're getting things right or if we need to change anything.

Diolch / thank you.

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View more details for consultation People are involved in shaping and improving services People are involved in shaping and improving services Customers, Communications and Marketing 17 Feb 2020 31 Mar 2022
Why are we doing this?


Would you like to be involved in decisions the Council makes which affect you? Are you aware of existing opportunities to get involved?

We (the council) are running a project until 31st March 2022 called 'people are involved in shaping and improving services' and from this project the we are hoping to develop and formalise an approach to involvement and engagement which will allow you to:

  • Understand how, when and why the council makes different decisions
  • Know what opportunities there are for you to get involved, and to what extent
  • Feel supported to participate in the council's decision-making processes in a way that is meaningful and appropriate for you


What do we want to know?

To support the aims of this project, we will be carrying out research in phases over the next three years.

Year 1 (ending 31 March 2020)

We will be conducting a survey that will help us to understand how you feel about how the council currently manages involvement or consultation opportunities, how you feel about getting involved in the council's decision-making, and what changes you might like to see in the future. From this, we will develop a recommendations report and an action plan.

Year 2 (finishing 31 March 2022)

We will work through the recommendations and actions we have developed in Year 1, and we will conduct another survey so you can tell us if you think we're on track. From this, we will assess our recommendations and action plan and amend them if necessary.

Year 3 (finishing 31 March 2022)

We will continue to work on our recommendations and actions from Years 1 and 2, and we will conduct a final survey so you can help us to continue to monitor our progress. From this, we will aim to develop sustainable long-term guidance and support for staff and for communities to ensure that  opportunities for involvement will be managed in a way which is meaningful and beneficial to you


Update: February/March 2020

You can help us with the first phase by taking the Year 1 survey which will be linked below until the closing deadline of Friday 20th March. After this, please keep an eye out for updates as we will be reporting back at the end of April 2020.

You can also register for Y Panel (our online citizen panel) if you would like to receive updates on this project.

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View more details for consultation Windfarms Community Planning Project Windfarms Community Planning Project Business Improvement and Modernisation 01 Sep 2019 31 Aug 2020
Why are we doing this?

Windfarms Community Planning Project

This project will help us to deliver our Corporate Plan priority around Resilient Communities, where the Council works with people and communities to build independence and resilience. You can read more about our Corporate Plan 2017-22 by clicking here.

What will the Windfarms Community Planning Project project help us to achieve?

The main aims of the Windfarms Community Planning project are to:

  • Help eligible communities in Denbighshire realise the maximum benefit of both the Clocaenog and Brenig Windfarm Community Funds.
  • Provide guidance to eligible groups to implement robust, impactful and innovative projects that are more likely to secure grant funding from the Clocaenog and Brenig Windfarm Funds.
  • Share examples of good practice relating to community development across Denbighshire.



What are we proposing to help us achieve our aims?

We are proposing:

  • Increase the capacity of our Community Development Resource to coincide with the launch of both the Brenig and Clocaenog Windfarm Community Benefit Funds.
  • Offer bespoke, enabling, community development support to groups who are developing community project ideas.
  • Organise and support workshops and events where community development knowledge sharing and guidance is facilitated.


What do we want to know?

Do you think our approach is right? Tell us what you think.

We’d like to know what you think about our proposals. Please use the survey link to get in touch with us and let us know if you think there’s anything we’ve missed out, a way we can deliver our project better, or if you’d be interested in collaborating with us on this.

How we’ll feed back to you:

A report on this proposed project will be uploaded to the County Conversation Portal. You will be able to find it in the You Said, We Did section.

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View more details for consultation Supporting Adult Carers in Denbighshire Supporting Adult Carers in Denbighshire Community Support Services 01 Apr 2018 31 Mar 2022
Why are we doing this?

Can you help us improve support for Carers in Denbighshire? Are you, or have you been, a Carer looking for help and information? Have you tried to juggle paid work with caring duties in your free time?

If you can answer "Yes" to any of the above, please read on, as we would value your input into this work.


One of Denbighshire County Council's priorities in our Corporate Plan 2017-2022 is to work with people and communities to build independence and resilience.

People who take on a caring role for their family and friends play a very important part in helping those individuals to remain in their own homes for longer. 

Our Corporate Project - Supporting Carers in Denbighshire - has the over-arching objective to ensure all Carers in Denbighshire are well supported.


Please note: This project is about supporting people who are unpaid Carers for family and/or friends, and not about people who are employed in a caring role, for example with a domiciliary care provider.


Who is a Carer?

If you provide regular unpaid help and support for a relative, partner or friend who is frail, or disabled, has physical or mental health issues, or substance misuse problems, then you are a Carer. The Social Services and Well-Being Act (Wales) 2014 defines a Carer as someone who provides or intends to provide care for an adult or disabled child.


The project has the following objectives relating to Adult Carers:

  • Denbighshire County Council and our communities recognise the importance and benefit of supporting Carers.
  • Our citizens who carry out caring roles have access to high quality information, advice and assistance to promote their own personal wellbeing outcomes.
  • We have robust processes and clear pathways for identification of Carers in need of support.
  • Community Support Service effectively responds to the support needs of Carers requiring statutory assistance.
  • A range of preventative services for Carers is available from the third sector.
  • Carers employed by Denbighshire County Council are supported to manage their caring role alongside their work commitments.
  • All Carers are supported to attain their educational goals, and to continue their educational development if they wish.
  • All Carers and the individuals they care for have access to suitable and inclusive leisure opportunities.
  • Carers are engaged actively in the planning and shaping of services.


Desired Project Outcomes:

  • Carers will be more resilient and independent.
  • Carers will be well informed and will feel supported within their communities.
  • Carers will be able to live a fulfilled life.
  • Carers will be able to care for longer, if that is their choice.
  • Citizens of Denbighshire and those working within Denbighshire will have a greater understanding of the importance of supporting Carers. 



What do we want to know?

If you are, or have been a Carer for a member of your family or a friend, please take some time to complete our survey. It should not take too long, but you can do part and come back and complete it later if you wish. Just save the survey before you leave the page.

We are keen to find out from you what issues you have experienced when accessing information, advice and assistance to help you in your caring duties. We want to be able to improve the support we offer to Carers in Denbighshire and we need your help to do that.