Get involved in Council decision-making

Why are we doing this?

Would you like to be involved in how the Council makes decisions?

We are developing a Public Participation Strategy. This is something we are legally required to do as part of the Local Government and Elections Act (Wales) 2021.

Our public participation strategy must include:

  1. Ways of promoting what the Council does
  2. Information on how to become a local Councillor, and what a local Councillor does
  3. Different ways you can get involved or make a representation when the Council makes a decision that affects you, including:
    1. Before a decision is made
    2. After a decision is made
  4. Promoting access to the public gallery of Council committee meetings
  5. Ways of promoting amongst existing Councillors, the benefits of using social media

We are required to consult with the public prior to developing our Public Participation Strategy, and once it is written we will need to review it via a public consultation after every ordinary Council election (so approximately once every 5 years).

We have already carried out some research over a period of 3 years to support the development of our Public Particpation Strategy through another project, called People are involved in shaping and improving services (link opens in a new window)

What do we want to know?


We want to know what's important to you when it comes to getting involved in local decision-making.

We have appointed independent researchers ONEDAY Ltd to carry out a review of the Council's existing processes for allowing people to get involved in Council decision-making, and to carry out some street surveys.

We will publish dates, times and locations where you can talk to one of ONEDAY Ltd's researchers in person.

If you prefer, you can also fill in our online survey or collect a paper version from your local Library.


Location: Denbighshire County Council

  • Start date 27 March 2023
  • End date 16 April 2023
  • Methods Groups- Online Discussion Forum, Groups- Focus Groups, Questionnaire - Online, Questionnaire - Face to Face
  • Supplier Denbighshire County Council

What we found out

Please check back for results

What difference has it made?


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