Maes Gwilym Woodland Creation – have your say

Why are we doing this?

Maes GwilymIn July 2019, the Council passed a motion to declare a Climate Change and Ecological Emergency.  A cross party-political working group was established to oversee the development of a Climate and Ecological Change Strategy. This strategy can be viewed here, and was approved by Council in February 2021, committing the Council to become Net Carbon Zero and more Ecologically Positive Council by 2030. This includes reducing the Council’s carbon emissions from several sources. However, reduction of our emissions alone will not enable us to reach net zero, we must also increase the amount of carbon sequestered (or absorbed) by 2030 in order to achieve this.

This woodland creation project will help the council achieve that carbon zero goal by contributing to the amount of carbon sequestered (or absorbed).

Additionally, to achieve the Ecologically Positive target, and help nature’s recovery, the Council must increase the species richness of its land. Mixed Broadleaf and Yew Woodland is in the top 3 species richness habitats so any work to increase woodland in Council ownership will support this target.

This woodland creation project will help the council achieve that increased biodiversity target by 2030 and positively contribute towards helping nature’s recovery in Denbighshire. 

Where is the proposed woodland location?
These plans are in relation to woodland creation at Maes Gwilym in Rhyl. Please find a location plan included below.

What we’re intending to do at Maes Gwilym includes to:

  • Increase the current tree canopy cover to at least 20%
  • Improve nature connectivity by planting hedgerows, to include a ‘shelterbelt’ in front of the railway line
  • Manage grassland to encourage existing and new areas for wildflower meadow
  • Restore the wetland area to create a nature reserve with bird hide – access to this nature reserve will be by request only for educational and training purposes
  • Enhance the site for biodiversity by constructing owl/raptor posts, a wildlife tower and other ecological enhancements following the results of the required surveys
  • Improve footpath access
  • Introduce seating areas with benches and picnic area
  • Replace damage fencing and gates
  • Install information signage about the site


Please find illustrated site designs below. These outline the proposed plans and locations of the specified enhancements. 


What do we want to know?

We would like to know:

  • Your general feedback on the woodland design
  • Your preference for the chosen ‘celebration’ trees
  • Whether you would like to see any seating at the site
  • Whether you have any ideas for the information signage
  • If you would like to get involved and/or stay informed about the tree planting day and other training/volunteer opportunities
  • If you would like to be kept informed about the council’s climate and ecological change work


All responses must be received by Sunday November 14th.


If you cannot complete this online survey there will a virtual session held on Zoom on Thursday November 11th at 5-6pm. To attend this session you must book by emailing the Climate Change team at by Friday November 5th at 5-6pm.


What happens next?
After all feedback has been received we will: 

  • Evaluate the survey results 
  • Review and amend the site plans accordingly
  • Completion date aimed for end of March 2022


If you have stated you would be interested in volunteering at the site and/or being involved in the tree planting, you will be contact with details in due course. We will also be advertising this again nearer the tree planting timeframe.


  • Start date 01 November 2021
  • End date 14 November 2021
  • Methods
  • Supplier Denbighshire County Council

What we found out

Please check back for results

What difference has it made?

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