Llangollen 2020: Castle Street improvement project

Why are we doing this?

Llangollen 2020 Castle Street Improvement Project

Hello, we’re looking to make some changes to Llangollen town centre. Llangollen is an important and popular destination in southern Denbighshire.

Since 2018, Denbighshire County Council has been working closely with the Llangollen 2020 Group to develop proposals to improve Castle Street and some of the surrounding streets in Llangollen town centre. The Llangollen 2020 Group includes both of Llangollen’s County Councillors as well as representatives from Llangollen Town Council.

A study of Llangollen town centre took place in 2018, and part of this study included asking local people what they considered to be the biggest existing problems in Llangollen town centre, and how they thought these could be fixed. The biggest problems raised were:

  • Traffic congestion on Castle Street
  • Parking congestion generally
  • Pavements are too narrow
  • Pavements are cluttered with sign posts
  • Castle Street is difficult for pedestrians to cross

To help tackle these problems, the Llangollen 2020 Group along with the Council have come up with the following proposals:

  • Remove on-street parking from Castle Street, to make the pavements wider on both sides
  • Goods vehicle loading bay on the west side of Castle Street near to the Market Street junction
  • Goods vehicle loading bay on the west side of Castle Street near to the Town Hall
  • Disabled parking bay to be provided on the south side of Bridge Street near the Castle Street junction
  • Disabled parking bay to be provided on the north side of Oak Street near the Castle Street junction
  • Castle Street pavements to be resurfaced with high quality Yorkstone paving
  • Pedestrian dropped kerbs to be provided on Castle Street
  • Road level to be ‘ramped’ at the Castle Street/Bridge Street junction to reduce traffic speeds
  • 20 mph speed limit on Castle Street
  • Market Street to be made one-way in a westerly direction between its junction with Castle Street and its junction with East Street.
  • Goods vehicle loading bay to be provided on the south side of Market Street
  • 14 free parking spaces to be provided in Market Street car park. This will include 10 standard parking bays with a maximum stay of 1 hour and 4 disabled parking bays with a maximum stay of 2 hours.
  • Remove on-street parking on Abbey Road at its junction with Castle Street to make the pavement wider on the north side of Abbey Road
  • Shared residents’ parking and short stay parking to be allowed on both sides of Bridge Street

We would now like to ask for your views on these proposals.

Plans showing the proposals can be viewed as part of this online consultation. Computer generated images have also been provided to show how Castle Street would look if the scheme was built.

Funding is in place to deliver the proposed scheme in the Autumn and Winter of 2021-22. However, Denbighshire County Council has not yet made a final decision on whether to go ahead with this scheme. This decision will be made by the Council’s Cabinet and will take account of the responses to the consultation and the views of the interested parties.


What do we want to know?


Tell us what you think!

We would be grateful if you could help us to understand how you feel about the proposed scheme by filling in the survey linked below.

Come and talk to us and visit our exhibition near the Library on Castle Street at the following dates and times:

  • 21-22 June between 10:00am and 4:00pm
  • 23 June between 10:00am and 7:00pm
  • 24-25 June between 10:00am and 4:00pm

View our plans 24/7 in the window between the Royal Hotel and Fouzi’s on Castle Street between 15th June and 6th July

Telephone 01824 706889 if you would like to request a paper copy of our survey to fill in.

We will also be making personal visits to business premises along Castle Street during the consultation period.

If the proposed scheme (or a modified version of it) goes ahead, we will continue to collect your feedback and the scheme will be monitored very closely. 

Location: Dee Valley

  • Start date 15 June 2021
  • End date 06 July 2021
  • Methods Consultation Event
  • Supplier Denbighshire County Council

What we found out

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What difference has it made?

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