Central Rhyl Coastal Defences Scheme

Why are we doing this?

Hello, we're working to improve Rhyl's coastal defences.

Over the next year, Denbighshire County Council will be working with contractors to develop, refine and bid for funding to ensure that the central area of Rhyl's coastline is protected from flooding and coastal erosion.

This follows on from work carried out in 2015 towards the west end of Rhyl, and current works taking place towards the east of Rhyl between Splash Point and the golf course.


Why are we doing this now?

The central area of Rhyl (approximately between Splash Point and the new SC2 leisure complex) is currently protected by sea defence structures, however the defences that are there are deteriorating and eventually they will fail if no work is carried out.

The Council would like to ensure that the existing defences are replaced well ahead of time, so that this important and popular part of Rhyl's coastline (as well as the residential and business properties directly inland) can be protected from flooding and coastal erosion for many years to come.

What do we want to know?

The standards of defences required have changed since the existing defences were installed, which means they cannot be replaced 'like for like'.

The range of options available to the Council in terms of what defences can be installed are likely to be limited, however the Council understands how important this busy area of promenade is to Rhyl's identity and economy.

We think the works could include:

  • 'Scour protection' (big boulders) and concrete repairs to the existing sea wall, towards the eastern end of the proposed scheme area - towards where the east Rhyl coastal defence project is already taking place, near Splash Point and Rhyl Golf Club
  • Concrete 'revetment' (big sloping structures) to absorb energy from the waves and to provide access to the beach - towards the previously completed west Rhyl coastal defences (near Pont y Ddraig and the harbour)
  • A new flood defence wall and raising the height of the promenade - also near to the previously completed west Rhyl coastal defences
  • Possibly widening the promenade at the 'bottleneck' behind the Rhyl Central car park (the also known as The Underground Car Park and/or the Children's Village car park)


Map showing the extent of the proposed works in Rhyl. To the left is the West Rhyl coast defence works, in the middle are the proposed concrete revetment and scour protection, and to the right are the East Rhyl defence works

Click here to open the scheme map (opens in a new window)


As we work on developing our options, we’d like to learn about what is important to you, what benefits you think such a scheme could bring and any concerns that you may have. We have launched a feedback survey to gather your views, the results of which will continue to inform development of the scheme.  

Location: Rhyl

  • Start date 21 July 2021
  • End date 11 August 2021
  • Methods Feedback Forms, Questionnaire - Postal, Questionnaire - Online
  • Supplier Denbighshire County Council

What we found out

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