A Future without Fossil Fuels

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Get involved in our new discussions and share your opinion on a variety of climate and ecological change topics. 

The year 2020 was an unprecedented year for many reasons, but also for fossil-fuel generated power. April 2020 was the start of longest period the UK has gone with coal-free electricity since Thomas Edison first used coal to create electricity in 1882, with two coal-free months and solar generation helping meet demand. This month will mark the 1 year anniversary of this momentous event. 

This week's topic launches on April 12th and will be concentrating on renewable and sustainable energy options. What is your opinion on the various renewable energy solutions? Do you have solar, wind or another sustainable energy at home? What are your thoughts on renewable energy the solutions available going forward? We’d like to hear your views and ideas.

You can sign up to take part by registering for the Y Panel Climate and Ecological Change sub-group here or, if you already have an account, simply log in here and click on the 'Discussions' link to see the latest topic. This will enable you to post a comment, reply to existing comments and also receive notifications when a new topic is ‘live’. 

Get involved and share your knowledge and information. We'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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