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Why are we doing this?

Hello. Would you like to help shape the Council's future priorities?


Every five years, the Council has to produce something called a  'Corporate Plan'. This plan gives the Council focus and helps all of the Council's services to work together, to plan and achieve specific goals that will help to make Denbighshire a better place to live, work and visit, for everyone.

The current Corporate Plan began in 2017 and will end in 2022. The priorities identified for the Council in the current Corporate Plan included:


  1. Housing: Everyone is supported to live in homes that meet their needs. Find out more about the Housing Corporate Priority

  2. Connected Communities: Communities are connected and have access to goods and services locally, online and through good transport links. Find out more about the Connected Communities Corporate Priority

  3. Resilient Communities: The council works with people and communities to build independence and resilience. Find out more about the Resilient Communities Corporate Priority

  4. Environment: Attractive and protected, supporting well-being and economic prosperity. Find out more about the Environment Corporate Priority

  5. Young People: A place where younger people will want to live and work and have the skills to do so. Find out more about the Young People Corporate Priority




What do we want to know?

It's time for us to look at developing our new Corporate Plan for 2022-2027.

We want to find out what people living in Denbighshire want and need in order to support their health and well-being now and in the future. Are the priorities we had for 2017-2022 still the right ones, or do we need to focus on something else?

We would like to hear from you to find out what you value, what you want and what you think needs improving. 

Get involved

To get involved and tell us what you think, please sign up to our online focus sessions and/or complete our short online survey. The virtual focus groups will be held via Zoom / Microsoft Teams or similar during June and July



Location: Denbighshire County Council

  • Start date 24 May 2021
  • End date 31 July 2021
  • Methods Groups- Online Discussion Forum, Questionnaire - Online, Social Media, Groups- Workshop
  • Supplier Denbighshire County Council

What we found out

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